Mocsán Paprika
Prémium minőségű
magyar fűszerpaprika

Hirth János

7133 Fadd
Arany János út 200. E -mail: 70/611-1147

Az értékesítés lédig kiszerelésben
5, 10, 20 és 25 kilogrammos zsákokban történik, valamint 100, 250 és 500 grammos kiszerelésben, aromazáró csomagolásban is forgalmazunk.



My name is Mocsán Zoltán, I work as a sole trader. Welcome to my website.

My sole proprietorship is located in Fadd. In a nutshell, Fadd belongs to the landscape protection area of Kalocsa. It is located in front of Kalocsa, next to the Danube, between Szekszárd and Paks.

The most common occupations of the town were the growing and processing of seasoned pepper, tobacco and fishing in the past.

The symbols of these activities are on the badge of the town, from this reason it became the logo of my enterprise as well.

I set up my businnes in 2005 and we managed to revitalize the growing of seasoned pepper collaboration with the Venyige association.

In 2006, I built a new drying plant thanks to my 15 years old experience in the business. Now, we produce seasoned pepper on 15 hectare sized area. We sow the seeds to the spots and we gather the crop by our own hands. Afterwards, we fill them into a special pack (we call it „Raschel – pack”) and we start to ripen them for 4-6 weeks in roofed containers. Subsequently, our workers select them and they take off the useless parts of the peppers. Thereafter, we start the following procedures with them: drying, chopping, then we put them on trays into the whitering larders.

Here, we dry them gently for 18 – 20 hours around 55-60 degrees above zero. After the recooling process we put them into PE – packs and we store them.

Finally, we mill them in our hammered grinders according to our customers' requests.